Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Confidence: A Devotional From Sanctus Real: Day 6 • Devotional

Have you been hurt by someone?
Someone close to you? Did you feel betrayed? Abandoned? Alone? Or maybe you hurt someone, broke a relationship that you wish you could mend somehow.
The truth is we have all experienced a broken relationship at some point, we have all had to make a difficult choice: a choice that would impact people around us. And sometimes our choices hurt those people.
Abused people, tend to abuse people.
Bullied people, tend to become bullies themselves.
Hurt people, hurt people.
That’s why Jesus came! To break cycles, and to tear down walls!
Jesus said that His mission was to come and heal the hurts of this world through a Kingdom of good news, freedom, openness, reconciliation, peace, and love. 
He said He came for those who needed a doctor not those who were already healthy. He offers grace when others offer judgment! Mercy when others offer punishment! He is more than enough for you as you begin the process of breaking your unhealthy cycles. 
If you are holding on to hurt today, it’s time to begin giving it to Jesus.
If you have been abused, abandoned, or broken, maybe today you can ask your Creator to help you take your first steps toward freedom. Maybe you need to forgive someone, or maybe you just need to forgive yourself. Whatever it is, your best days are still in front of you, if you surrender your pain little by little to the God who wants to take it all away from you.
Jesus is in the business of healing, freeing, and renewing lives.
Sometimes facing our giants means facing the hidden things inside our hearts. Sometimes those are the biggest giants of all. But have Confidence that God will not reject you because of your past, your pain, or your fear. God is with you always, even to the end of this journey. 

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