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Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Monday, October 7, 2019

Confidence: A Devotional From Sanctus Real: Day 7 • Devotional

There are so many hurts in this world. One of the most prevalent is the brokenness of families. To be deprived of the security and safety that comes with healthy family relationships is a tragic loss. And yet, many of us suffer because of this reality.
For some, “father” can be a term of endearment, and for others it is a source of fear, loss, or abandonment. When we hear God called, “Father,” it can be tough to visualize. It can be difficult to want to come to a “Heavenly Father” when so many earthly fathers seem so far removed. 
But God is Father. Father in the way we all deserve. Father in the way that brings out the very best in us; in a way that allows us to flourish as humans. Father in a way that instills confidence and safety and love.
It’s an amazing thing to realize: the God of the universe has literally adopted us as His own children through Christ. We now have nothing to fear and no reason to hide. When the Creator looks upon us He sees His children, innocent and pure, clean as fresh fallen snow. All that has happened in this life, all the pain, hurt and sorrow can be removed. 
Jesus’ sacrifice has freed us from that past. The veil that felt like separation from the Father has been torn in two. We can now approach our God with complete confidence and sit on the lap of our Abba, rest our head against His chest and know that we are fully accepted and completely loved. 
Go and sit with Him awhile. Be still and have Confidence knowing that He is Abba Daddy who loves you

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