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Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Confidence: A Devotional From Sanctus Real: Day 5 • Devotional

Don’t check social media!! Don’t do it; not yet anyway.
No need to check your Facebook, or Instagram. Trust me, Twitter can wait.
It doesn't matter how many likes you receive today. You don’t need any more followers. What you need today is to hear good news! 
And here it is: You are loved.
Yes, you are loved! Not because of fame or followers, or because you are loaded with talent. No, you are loved simply because your Father chooses to love you. Talent never dictates God’s love for you. Your circumstances don't change God’s heart for you. He loves you. 
Jesus said that there is no greater love imaginable than willingly laying down your life for a friend; and then Jesus went and laid His life down for us! He laid down His life for people that called Him the enemy. This love is not emotional or oscillating. No, this love is intentional: He chose you! 
“Like” that today. 
Wait there is more! If you accept His love today, if you choose to believe the Creator of the universe loves you like He says He does, then today is going to be an amazing day! His love brings freedom from fear. His love will fill the holes we’re trying to fix with likes, followers, and friend requests: simply stated, the pursuit of self-worth.
If you accept this, you won’t have to fight to be right all the time, or worry about following religious laws: you will be following your Savior’s heart! His love leads to contentment, even through difficult situations. 
When you fully embrace the love of God it will change you! It will cause you to do things you never thought you could do, because you will not fear failure. No, you may not be a warrior, and yes, you may feel unqualified for what He is calling you to. But with God all things are possible!
So don’t check your Snapchat, stay off of YouTube (and everything else) because my friend, your Creator is calling you to look like, and follow Him every day! May you embrace His incredible, amazing love today. May you feel transformed into a light for His Kingdom today! 
Be Confident in this… Jesus loves you

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