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Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Sunday, December 5, 2021

God calls us to...


Hi Peter,

What inspired me to go after connecting Christian business owners was the disconnect many leaders have with faith and work. That was me. I know God calls us to work. I know He wants our best. I think wise counsel has potential, but I am skeptical. I know I want to lean towards God and leadership. I know God is a 24/7 God and we cannot compartmentalize faith and work and be obedient to God.

Here's the backstory. When I was named president of my company, Pro Sound and Stage Lighting, I knew I needed help. I sought different resources and found some good ones, like TEC, Vistage and YPO. While they offered good business leadership thinking, they were all missing something very important to me that might be important to you as well. The members did not share values. Many members valued money and success above all, and I knew that was dangerous territory for me.

Then I found a Christian version of a business owner peer group. I engaged with other leaders who shared their experiences and insights and shared my Christian world view. They shattered my skepticism. I think down deep I believed other Christian business owners would be mediocre and holy rollers. What I found was the members were high capacity, fun and smart and had thoughts and insights that helped me lead more effectively.

I invested 5 years as a member of a Christian business owner peer team. Then I worked for 15 years building Christian business owner peer teams nationally. Over that time, we attracted 1500 members into groups and saw God do amazing things as members learned to be WITH Jesus as they led their business.

After decades of work, I was thankful and sad. Thankful to witness change and growth. Sad because I saw many Christian business owners say "NO" to the opportunity to join a peer team. They declared with their feet that the opportunity was too expensive in time and the money for the perceived value. The reality is that most took a cursory look rather than a deeper dive. 

Do you think God is serious when he says seek wise counsel? Is serious a quick glance?

My mission is to get as many leaders as possible to look, assess and take God’s advice seriously.

Wise counsel is an invitation from God for His leaders and now is the time for every leader to catch the vision that great business is connected to a spiritual adventure. 

Wow! That is so cool, right?...

So, when you allow yourself to contemplate how a wise counsel team could help you. 

What comes to mind? 

Where are your blindspots? 

Might being part of a team help you minimize your risks or help you maximize opportunities?

Join us for a free workshop to experience a Christian business owner peer team and see what it is like to “Work ON the business rather than IN the business” and learn more. Seek to understand. It takes work and there is a group for you.

It's FREE, but you must register: REGISTER HERE

I'll share more with you later,


When you register be sure to download the FREE 114 Resources for Every Christian Leader. I aggregated this to save you time. 

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Marc Ottestad
"The Christian Connector"

1331 Fawnridge Dr Brea, CA 92821

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