Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Thursday, December 2, 2021


The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do is a book by Ken Blanchard and Mark
Miller that draws from a leadership program originally developed and refined at Chic-fil-A. 

This value document will review the SERVE program and focuses on service, and servant leadership and begins with a devotional reading from John 10:11-18 which pertains to the servant leadership model of Jesus Christ:

Marc here, I've got a question for you:

What type of people do I help? Let me tell you. I help: Christian business owners. These are men and women of God who turn chaos into order. They are smart, ambitious, creative, committed, authentic and fun.

So, let me tell you a quick story about a specific person I helped

This is a quick story of Johnny. Johnny is a creative landscape designer who turns residences into resorts.

Here is how we met: I messaged him as a stranger with the invitation to meet other Christian business owners over a lunch. I invited him not once, twice, three times but four times before he made time to explore.

Here is what life was life before we met: Johnny had a million balls in the air with more ideas than time or money. He was leading a team of 50, spending a lot of time managing rather than creating while knowing his wife and small kids wanted more of him as he prepared a new family residence.

Here is what his company was dealing with at the time: lack of management experience, huge class action law suit, fear of personal financial risks, guilt over limited time with God and family, limited time for design work that was the core of his self expression.

Here is how we helped him overcome those obstacles. He stepped into the challenges with honesty and a sincere desire to find a better way. He asked for help. Johnny explored management solutions, operational clarity, attorney resources and dedicated himself to connecting with God and family by making the move to the new home.

Here is how I knew this would be a good fit for Johnny: It all starts with humility and self awareness. Johnny always sought to bring his challenges front and center to help him pivot or to affirm he was going in the right direction.

Here are the results: today Johnny has a great general manager freeing him to be in the creative work of the organization while managing the managers. He has navigated through the lawsuit, added a EOS consultant to the team and is connected to God in a consistent and rich manner.

Here is Johnny’s life today: hope and possibility abound. There is clarity and discipline growing throughout the culture anchored in the Lord's creativity displayed in and through Justin and his team. There is a longing for a bigger and brighter future as he serves and loves Jesus.

What a journey...

But I am getting ahead of myself, what resonates with you? Can you see hope and opportunity being attached to the power of a wise counsel team? Do the challenges and opportunities that Johnny faced sound familiar? Would your wife suggest she needs more of you? Would your wife prefer you discussed business challenges with other godly business owners rather than her! Have you abandoned God as you seek to grow your business?

Perhaps now is the time for a Christian business owner peer group that can help you? 

How might connecting with other high-capacity leaders impact your faith, character, and business? 

Oh, one more thing... if you want to experience faithful, high-capacity leaders processing challenges, anchoring leadership with Jesus, while gaining clear insights, let me show you. 

I'm hosting a brand-NEW workshop on How to faithfully make Time and Money! with other Christian business owners. This could change your life.

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Look forward to connecting with you,


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