Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Step Into the New Year With Scripture

It will be an amazing year.

Are you ready to read through the Bible? Here are four of our most popular Bible reading plans to make your journey through the Scriptures achievable. 
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Choose Your Plan:


Read the Bible in the order that the events happened.

Duration: 365 Days

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Read 3 passages each day, starting with Genesis, Psalms, and Luke.

Duration: 365 Days

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Chronological New Testament

Read the New Testament in the order that the events happened.

Duration: 92 Days

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Daily Gospel

Focus on the record of the life of Christ by reading through all four gospels.

Duration: 45 Days

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Tips on reading the Bible:

Start reading the Bible today.

There is no better time, and there's no need to wait.

Set aside a specific time each day.

Set your schedule and then stick to it. Mornings are great, but feel free to use any time that works consistently for you.

Read for the sake of relationship, not just to accomplish your next reading.

Say a short prayer to God before you begin, asking the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding, then be refreshed by the words you read!

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