Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Who Wrote Amazing Grace?


1: Who Wrote Amazing Grace?

The hymn Amazing Grace was written 250 years ago and has yet to lose relevance to listeners in every generation since. It continues to touch hearts and resonate with the experience of one who has found salvation and new life in Christ Jesus. 

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2: 5 Sins Most Christians Sweep under the Rug

Sadly, it is common for Christians to sweep sins under the rug. By rationalizing that the sin is “not that bad,” sins can easily be “swept away.” 

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3: 5 Ways to Find God

We often play the same game with God. We half-heartedly seek Him, but the good news is that God loves to be found. This truth is beautifully illustrated by a woman found in Luke.

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4: 107 Florida Methodist Churches to Leave the UMC, Join Conservative Alternative

About 107 congregations in Florida have announced that they are leaving the United Methodist Church denomination for the newly launched Global Methodist Church (GMC), a theologically conservative alternative to the UMC.

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5: What Is the Significance of End Times Prophecies?

End Times prophecy is significant because it helps us know about the future of the world and our eternal dwelling place if we reject or trust in Christ. Also, studying prophecy supports the validity of the Bible and can impact how we live.

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6: How to Pray Boldly with Liv Dooley 

In this interview, Liv shares how she has grown to pray boldly to God and gives practical tips for you to start praying more confidently today.

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