Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Monday, July 18, 2022

An eraser and 37 cents...

An eraser and 37 cents...
By Dr. Sandra Herron, Crystal Cathedral Pastor
For God so loved the world, He gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall have life everlasting.
-John 3:16
Lance was bursting with excitement. It was Poppa's birthday. Lance was a big boy now. He was three years old and he wanted to give his own present. As little boys will do, Lance always had pockets full of junk, including erasers. For some reason, he dearly loved erasers. He thought it was magical the way an eraser could make pencil marks and even fingerprints on the walls disappear.
"Poppa! Happy birthday, Poppa. I have my own present for you."
Poppa, engrossed in the newspaper, lowered it just enough to look at the boy over the top of his glasses.
Lance reached down deep into the pocket of his patched Levis and struggled to pull out a tiny gift wrapped in a Kleenex and a rubber band twisted into a bow. "It's for you Poppa. It's my favorite eraser 'cause, Poppa, I really love you." Then Lance's little freckled face broke into a huge grin. "I have something else for you, Poppa, 'cause I love you." Struggling again, he pulled his chubby dimpled hand out of his pocket to reveal some coins. "Here Poppa, you can have all my money. This is all the money I've got and it's for you, Poppa. Happy birthday."
With tears sneaking their way down Poppa's cheeks, he says, "Oh, Lance, I can't take all your money."
"Yeah, Poppa, it's for you 'cause you are my Poppa and I love you. Is it lots of money, Poppa? How much is it?"
"Oh yes, it's lots of money, Lance. It's 37 cents. Thank you very, very much." Lance jumped up and down in place three times grinning from ear to ear.
It was only an eraser and 37 cents given by a freckle-faced little boy. Yet, that simple act of unreserved giving brought heaven to earth in one stunning moment. A sweaty, dimpled little hand revealed a glimpse of God. Like little Lance, Jesus gave his all...and he did it for you. As he surrendered his life, he erased all your mistakes and misdeeds simply because he loves you.
Prayer: Father God, I thank you for seeing into my heart and accepting my humble gifts to you as gold and silver. I accept yours, the greatest of all, the promise of eternity given to me simply because you love me. I love you, too, with all my heart. Amen.
Reflection: Who do you love enough to give them everything you have from the pockets of your life? Has anyone ever given everything they had for you?

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