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Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Monday, December 5, 2022

Nick Archer

A message from our ad partner:

Dear friend,

This is hard. But I need to share it with you:

Our country director just shared a heartbreaking story — In the span of just three days, in one remote village of Somalia — 5 children died of starvation.

Catastrophic drought and a global food shortage have collided to create a life-or-death hunger crisis in this African nation and throughout the Horn of Africa.

Children are the hardest hit, as they are the most vulnerable to malnutrition. The first to suffer, the first to die.

Today, as 1.5 million children in Somalia fight to survive, we are so thankful you’re here to save lives by rushing emergency nutrition and proven-powerful Nutripackets to rapidly restore a malnourished child to health.

Normally, it costs just $12 to feed a child with Nutripackets for an entire month, but right now — thanks to special grants, your gift to feed hungry children will be doubled in impact — so your gift of just $12 will feed TWO children for an entire month.

Give Now

Nutripackets are a gift from God sent through friends like you — a fast-acting miracle for hungry and malnourished children ...

  • Like 19-month-old Ali, whose upper arm measured just 12.5 centimeters — dangerously malnourished. But after a few months of Nutripackets, his arm measured 15 centimeters — healthy!
  • And 6-month-old Nimco who weighed just 4.6 pounds — smaller than most newborns! After being stabilized in the hospital, she began eating Nutripackets ... and nearly DOUBLED her weight within a few weeks!

... but they must receive the Nutripackets in time.

Thank God, you can help them. You can feed these hungry little ones today and save their lives.

Just $12 is all it takes to provide food for TWO children — like Ali and Nimco — for a whole month. Your gift of $36 will feed six little ones!

Please, pray about how generous you can be ... about how many children you can feed in Jesus’ name ... about how many lives you can save. And give as God leads.

Give Now

Thank you in advance.

God bless you,

Nick Archer


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