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Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Saturday, December 3, 2022

What Does the Bible Say about the Antichrist?

1: What Does the Bible Say about the Antichrist?

The antichrist is one of the most famous characters in the Bible, and lots of people like to speculate about who the antichrist will be. But what does the Bible actually say about the antichrist?

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2: Why Is the Church Going Dark?

Lord, why are we singing about you being the Light in the darkness while standing here in almost complete darkness? This just doesn’t seem right.

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3: Christmas IQ Test

We know about the shepherds, the angels, the “Wise Men,” the star, the innkeeper, the long journey of Mary and Joseph, the baby in the manger, and we know about the gold, frankincense and myrrh. But how much of what we know is tradition and how much comes from the Bible?

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4: Remember These 9 Things When Another Christian Disappoints You

How are we supposed to feel when other Christians miss God’s mark? How can we cope with the chaos other people’s sin creates? What should we say (if anything?)

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5: What Does the Bible Tell Us about the Garden of Eden?

The Garden of Eden is probably the most famous place mentioned in the Bible. What details does the Bible give us about its location and features?

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6: A Different Kind of Christmas Pageant

This year we want to expand our typical children's Christmas pageant stage to bring out some of the lesser known things about the story and characters that should make the story jump off the usual small 12x12 pageant stage.

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7: 'Mary Did You Know' Duet From Kenny Rogers And Wynonna Judd

Country superstars Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd perform a breathtaking rendition of the Christmas song ‘Mary Did You Know.’ It took songwriter Mark Lowry nearly 7 years to perfect the lyrics to the iconic song. 

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8: Grandma Shows Incredible Compassion for Man Who Took Her Car Then Died After Crashing It

A man beat up 72-year-old Shirlene Hernandez at a gas station and then stole the grandma's car. But when the woman found out her attacker later died in a wreck following the carjacking, her reaction to the news stunned everyone.

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