Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Friday, February 9, 2024

Bible Study

 Hello All,

Here are our Zoom Link and Bible Study notes for this Saturday's session at 8:00 AM PST on 02/10/2024. We have been having milder weather in our section of Oregon, however we pray the weatherman improves; we seem to receive more rain than he forecasts. The best sign is that the composition of the visiting wildbirds is changing. 

I pray we all thrive in our own way in 2024 as we take up our daily crosses. Please join us on Saturday morning to continue our exploration of John's gospel. We appreciate how you may have to adjust your busy daily routine because of varying time zones. We love seeing all of you. It is your choice to be with us for all or part of our study, prayer and fellowship. Our notes are designed to be saved and studied at your pace. We pray we will be able to edit all of the study notes and compress them into a single document for Book - someday. 

We encourage you to share your stories, activities and prayers. Each story is unique and inspirational, your journey is yours, a human journey, no one else has the same story, and every one is important. It is encouraging to hear how the Holy Spirit reveals Himself. We are enriched as your brothers and sisters in Christ, when we are included in your story. The Apostle John tells the story of Jesus as the most down to earth of all the gospel-writers.  Many scholars claim John was Jesus's favorite. Why? 

John creates a story for all eternity: there is a main theme, numerous subplots and from these we are able to learn about ourselves and the conditions we encounter in 'the world'. John reveals the depth of Jesus' prayers. He discusses what Jesus' followers will experience after he has left them. Jesus also promises the 'helper', as He presses the truth. Jesus has completed the work given Him by the Father.

Join us as we follow Jesus through His vocation in Jerusalem. The last gathering in the upper room is filled with Jesus' prayers for His disciples and for us. John's gospel is universally a significant help as we navigate the darkness in Jerusalem and in 'the dark world' of 2024. Join us - you bless us with your presence. 

May the Holy Spirit bring you His wisdom and His understanding.

Love, hank

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Study Notes:

02/10/24 – [John 17:1-8] –  Glorify the Son

P. V. What is it about the West that enabled it to achieve the personal liberties and wealth seen today? These are the crucial traits essential to the growth of a vibrant society: right to life; right to liberty; right to worship; right to vote; right to and access to work; and encouragements to form families. (All are of Jesus.) With the reemergence and rise in the authoritarian state that all of those rights are under siege. (All are of the world) 


The three 20th century waves of democracy, based on the number of nations 1800–2003. 


We all pray, often alone, and we have no idea of another’s solitary prayer. Perhaps they are praying for repentance. We see Jesus in prayer [17:1]. We know from the Gospels that Jesus prayed, but we rarely know the content. In [Matt11:25-27] Jesus prayed to His Father, praising Him; in [11:41-42], Jesus is thanking His Father for the rescue of Lazarus. They lead us to this glorious, ecstatic chapter of John. Consider reading this chapter as a prayer. NB this is more than a theological writing. We may assume that John prayed while writing. Did he allow his own words to creep in [v.3], as the wording seems strange to have been spoken by Jesus. John is often referred to as the praying teacher and here he is forwarding a prayer for Jesus’ continuing community. These passages draw together all the gospel story has been to this point. Particularly, Jesus’ prayer is the embodiment of the intimate union of Father and Son. Our intimate taking this prayer, as our own, is an invitation to join ourselves to the intimate relationship of Jesus and His father. Most importantly you are in a prayer group of three! That is central to this entire chapter. 


The first section is a celebration and a request. Jesus celebrates His work is complete. He still faces the terrible task of Friday. But He has completed the deeds given Him by His Father. Those who claim Jesus to only be a great teacher must puzzle why Jesus took on the work of Friday. Jesus is now requesting that He be exalted, glorified and lifted up to be beside His Father as the king, the Messiah, the son of man. The Psalms tell us the Messiah will rule a kingdom from the river to the ends of the earth. [Ps. 72:8] Thus a universal dominion and the throne of God shall be shared. [Dan. 7] When the Messiah takes His seat, exalted, then the age to come will have begun. This is the “coming age” the prophets longed for and the Jewish sages taught would appear at the end of the “present age.” It is a time of new life, with a new quality, and it would be “eternal life”. 


This “eternal life” (coming age) is not what we have after death. It is not a future state that will go on forever and we are a part. This is a new life, on earth, come to birth in and through Jesus. When He completed the final victory over death itself, all His followers, all who trust and believe that He has come from the Father and has unveiled the character and nature of the Father all of them will possess ‘eternal life’ - here and now. That is a great theme of John’s gospel. [3:165:24] The powerful relationship between Jesus and His Father is not exclusive. We are invited in - be humble and courageous - step in.


[John 17:9-19] - Jesus Prays for His People – Jesus now prays, because, He is going away. He is entrusting the disciples He has known and loved through His earthly life. to the Father. The Father, He knows, will care for them. He is aware the disciples are at risk. The world hates them, as it has hated Him – it will threaten and abuse them. They do not belong to it, but they are to be sent to it. They need protecting. That is the subject of this prayer. Jesus describes His followers, given, by the Father, to Jesus. They already belong to the Father and Jesus is returning them for safe keeping. Now, they are new and cleansed by Jesus through His call and teaching [15:3]. They are not from the world.


Jesus is not saying they do not have human ancestry, homes, families, and physical bodies which will die and decay. The world, here, means the physical universe and the world that has rebelled against God; chosen darkness instead of light; and organized itself against the Creator. The world, in darkness, is not the place, force, or sphere that determines who the disciples are. They are guarded so as not to be pulled back into the world of wickedness and rebellion. During His public ministry, while teaching, leading and looking after them, Jesus is their shepherd. Now as Jesus is coming to the Father, Jesus is entrusting them to the Father who will continue the work of keeping them safe.


He calls the Father, ‘holy’ [v. 11] and declares that He is setting Himself apart so the disciples may also be. It is through the teachings of the Holy Spirit that they are set apart, and so are we. In Jesus’ world ‘holy’ referred to the Temple where God had promised to live. Jesus is asking His father, like the high priest to preserve His people from evil, and the tricks and traps of the ‘world’. He wants them to be His holy people in the best and fullest sense. What Jesus has done is ‘ to keep’ them in the Father’s name [v. 12] and give them His word [v. 14] When Jesus entrusts them to the Father it will not mean a sudden change; He has taught them about His Father and He is praying what He has begun, His Father will gloriously complete, through the Holy Spirit. This prayer has been used by pastors, teachers and leaders as they pray for those in their care.


We can use this prayer with slight variation(s). You will get it, but be careful. This is a serious prayer. It is among the most serious of all of Jesus’ teaching. As a result, it is among the most joyful and hopeful. Pray this prayer with awe and delight. Amen Cove, OR 97539

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