Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Friday, March 15, 2024

The Cold Call Coach

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Escape the Comfort Zone – Your Dream Awaits

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”
–  Ephesians 3:20
There were no faces. The crowd stretched too far, too wide. The bright light made it hard to see anything. Harder still is when you can’t tell where the audience starts … and ends.

We’d done it. The dream was reality. More than 1,400 filled the room, with hundreds more watching on livestream. We’d aimed high and, judging by the response, hit a bull’s eye.

The setting was last Thursday’s Covering the World in Christ Celebration. I stood on the stage, looking out at a crowd I once thought impossible – until God made it possible.

I savored the moment. Sure, the real talent – Tim Tebow and Matt Maher – was yet to come. They were the draw, and for good reason. Still, the tidal wave of emotion that enveloped me was almost overwhelming.

C-Suite for Christ is only five years old. In a short time, we’d defied conventional norms and smashed imaginary walls. We’d told Christian professionals it was OK to live everywhere as people of faith … and they’d responded. The proof filled the conference center.

The whole thing started as a dream. I’d always “dreamt big.” Go big or go home, as some say.

Well, my vision was for an organization that would be home to millions of Christian professionals, a group that had always been told to check their faith at the office door. We would gather them for fellowship as their authentic, no-filters-needed selves.
The goal was to establish one of the largest, most respected ministries in the world. No road map, nor Google Map, existed. The path has often been anything but easy.

I occasionally heard “Paul’s doing this for himself.” The early response to faith-based social media posts was often vitriolic. Even today, after C-Suite for Christ has grown exponentially, I know detractors lie in wait for a stumble or misstep.

Why do it? Obviously, I felt a calling. Secondly, this idea was too good not to share. Judging by the crowd at the Covering the World in Christ Celebration, others agree.

We have some stark choices in life. One is to stay within our comfort zone, and play along with the status quo.

Another is to put the foot on the gas, and head straight for Risksville. Push the envelope. Go against the grain. Live every day with a gnawing fear of collapse, knowing the risks that you’re taking could threaten everything you care about.

Know, as well, that they could lead to big things, that attract others and leave an amazing sense of accomplishment. When I left the stage March 7, I exhaled loudly, gave myself permission to smile, and thanked God for His never-ending guidance.

We could have limited C-Suite for Christ to southeast Wisconsin, where I live. We could have settled for a small, intimate gathering with local talent.

Or, we could have spread our geographic wings, drawn new members from around the world, and held a major event with big names like Tim Tebow and Matt Maher.

I’m passionate about the Great Commission. I embrace the goal of “Covering the World in Christ.” We don’t have global impact without stepping out and taking chances.

Stress-filled days, and pressure-packed decisions, are part of the deal. You might occasionally feel strung out … but boy, will you feel alive.

Pursue the dreams you’re passionate about. Ignore the naysayers. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Adjust those blinders, and don’t forget the earplugs.

Will a house of cards come crashing down? Maybe – or perhaps it will just keep growing, taller and taller, and reach the sky-high dream you somehow always knew was possible.

How will you know, until you try?

All About C-Suite for Christ – in Two Minutes!

Anyone who’s read this newsletter for any time knows about C-Suite for Christ. Hopefully some of you attended the recent Covering the World in Christ Celebration, and felt its powerful fellowship firsthand!

Name recognition is one thing. Understanding the organization’s objectives, though, might be another bridge. Let’s cross it!

Our new promotional video explains who C-Suite for Christ is, and what it does.

Frankly, it’s not complicated: C-Suite for Christ exists to help Christians stand up for their beliefs, further the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), and work tirelessly to “Cover the World in Christ!”

It’s much less about ministry than mission. This group of dedicated disciplesbelieves wholeheartedly in the Bible as God’s Word, and in carrying out His directive to share love always, and everywhere.

Check out the video. See for yourself. If you feel inspired, visit the C-Suite for Christ web site to learn more.

Or, join as a member. Start a new chapter. Even if you just pray for our efforts, it’s much appreciated.

Thank you to Saturn Lounge for putting together this amazing production. Combining words and images is often a great way to learn. They’ve created “Exhibit A.”

If you’d like to learn even more, contact C-Suite for Christ. You probably already know the name. The details might deserve greater explanation.

We’d love to tell you all about it!

Who Wants an Autographed Football?

I admittedly didn’t know Tim Tebow prior to last week’s Covering the World in Christ Celebration.

I mean, I knew of him. Anyone who has followed football for the past two decades has heard of the guy. The endless slings and arrows aimed at him by national media pundits guaranteed it.

Tim’s also a superstar in the Christian universe – obviously why I was so excited to have him join our big event! Until he actually arrived March 7, though, my team had largely worked with his representatives. We had no idea who he really was.

Well, Tim proved to be a genuine, generous guy. He sincerely believes in our C-Suite for Christ ministry. He signed a bunch of items to show support!

The photo above displays one: an autographed Wilson NCAA football. How great would it look in your office, or family room, or favorite place to hang out?

So, who wants it? If your answer is “Me!” here’s your opportunity!

Bidding is open for this one-of-a-kind keepsake. Send the price you’d be willing to pay to Keep in mind that the football alone costs $125, so bid accordingly. Proceeds will go to the Covering the World in Christ Fund.

Deadline for bids is March 22 at 5 p.m. CST. The winner will be notified March 25. If there’s a tie for the winning bid amount, participants will be asked to submit a new number. Highest figure wins!

If you can’t bid on this signed football, don’t lose hope! Plenty of other Tim Tebow-autographed items will soon be available.
An opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day. Neither does the chance to meet, and work with, a guy like Tim Tebow.

After getting to know him a bit, I’m extra thankful he chose to bring his message of action and evangelism to C-Suite for Christ!
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