Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Peter, this cut ran deep!

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The Moment of Truth

Ever have those periods where your home is like a war zone? Where the kids are constantly fighting, bickering, tattling … and generally driving you nuts?
Pretty much describes our household lately. Maybe it’s the approaching end of the school year. Maybe it’s the kids’ ages. Or budding turf wars. Or, maybe it’s just siblings being siblings.
The ceaseless conflict had gotten very wearing … until a moment of truth reminded how they really feel about each other.
My sons Kennedy, 11, and Hudson, 9, were hitting baseballs off a tee in the backyard. My daughter Reagan, 6, was watching. No surprise - she likes hanging out with her brothers.
She might have been watching a bit too closely, though. On one of Kennedy’s backswings, his metal bat clocked her squarely in the forehead.
Blood erupted. Screams, too. Kennedy was mortified.
Within seconds, though, he applied pressure to the deep cut on Reagan’s head, picked her up, and ran into the house yelling for Tanya and me.
As Tanya drove them to the hospital, Kennedy held his little sister, repeatedly apologizing and doing anything to distract her from the grisly gash. He stayed by her side in the emergency room. His love and protectiveness were amazing to behold.
Hudson, meanwhile, was in a world of worry. At home with me, he talked endlessly about how bad he felt for Reagan, replaying the scene over and over in remorse.

Everything ended up fine, as it usually does with kids. Reagan needed seven stitches to close her cut. Kennedy, while largely calmed down, still slept on the floor of her room that night to keep watch.
The situation reminded me again of how, despite seemingly ready to tear each other apart at times, these kids really love and care about each other. Their arguing isn’t necessarily a sign of failed parenting, or deep-seated personal issues with them. It’s just how siblings often interact.
I posted on LinkedIn about the experience. It generated an astonishing response. More than 250 people commented. Most expressed sympathy, prayers and well wishes for Reagan.
I read every one to her a few nights later. She was stunned, and touched, that so many people cared. She decided to record a video thanking everyone – you can watch it here:
We can often learn from children. My kids demonstrated that, when a serious situation arose, their true feelings emerged.
As adults, though, we know better – right?
So why wait for a crisis to tell someone how much you love them? If you’re in conflict with another person you care about, why delay its resolution, so that you can re-establish the relationship?
None of us know what tomorrow holds – will the opportunity still be there?
Crises usually bring out the best or worst in people. No one ever wants a crisis, though.
Why not be the best version of yourself to others, every single day?

Prepare for Big Speakers at the Savior Summits!

A successful organization heeds the voices of its members.

Many C-Suite for Christ followers have made clear their thirst for more God-based personal development and growth opportunities. They’re about to get their wish in a big way.

We’re bringing in high-profile, major in-demand speakers for a new series of quarterly workshops: the Savior Summits! Held at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon (Wis.), our keynote speakers are destined to draw big crowds and huge enthusiasm!

The kickoff Savior Summit, July 23-25, will feature outspoken women’s opportunities advocate Riley Gaines! A former All-American swimmer at the University of Kentucky, she spoke out after competing against – and sharing a locker room with – a trans man who “identified” as female.

Riley was viciously attacked by cultural elites and extremists. She didn’t back down. She’ll relay her story of courage and conviction July 25 at the inaugural Savior Summit!

You can register to hear her keynote address - or attend the event’s full schedule of fellowship, prayer, and Christian professional development – by clicking here.

We have a seriously good lineup of keynote speakers at future Summits (speakers are on the third day):
  • Demi Leigh-Tebow, Oct. 15-17: A former Miss Universe and wife of Tim Tebow, Demi Leigh-Tebow calls upon us to love others selflessly, and advocates relentlessly against the scourge of human trafficking
  • Kevin Sorbo, Jan. 14-16, 2025: Keynote speaker at the very first Covering the World in Christ CelebrationKevin Sorbo is a popular actor unafraid to proclaim his faith in the ultra-atheistic world of Hollywood
  • Merril Hoge, May 13-15, 2025: Former NFL player and national sports broadcaster, Merril Hoge encourages ownership and responsibility, empowering individuals to enjoy greater productivity and personal peace
Why move to these quarterly Savior Summits?

People came from all over the world for the 2024 Covering the World in Christ Celebration with Tim Tebow. An accompanying daylong conference drew hundreds.

Still, attendees told us they wanted more gatherings for fellowship, learning and worship. When we researched potential keynote speakers, we found many who already knew of C-Suite for Christ – and were thrilled to participate in its events.

We know this speaker’s lineup will pique the interest of many. Our hope is that interested attendees will also consider joining in the full Savior Summits, which will offer an amazing array of insight and inspiration.

Make your choice – and enjoy all that our Savior has in store for you!

If the Helmet Fits …

He might not know it, but Tim Tebow is truly the gift who keeps on giving!

Tim’s keynote address left an indelible impression on all who attended the March 7 Covering the World in Christ Celebration. He left impressed, enthused, and promising to keep in touch with our C-Suite for Christ ministry … and he has.

The former collegiate national champion, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL player also signed a lot of items for us. We’ve been selling, giving away and gradually parceling them out. Believe it or not, we’re nearing the end!

Among the few remaining items are four signed University of Florida mini-helmets, representative of where Tim played. We’re ready to unload these … and if you’re interested, you’d better move really quick!
These collector’s items will be sold for $50 each to the first four people who reply to this e-mail (please use HELMET in the subject line). Now, a lot of people will likely respond, so here are the rules:
  1. I’ll send an invoice for $50, plus $15.95 shipping and handling, to the first four respondents. They will have 24 hours to pay.
  2. If they fail to pay on time, the next respondent in line will be sent an invoice. If they don’t pay within 24 hours … OK, you probably get the idea.
  3. Limit of one helmet per person.
All sale proceeds go to support our mission to cover every square inch of this world boldly and unapologetically in Christ.

Tim has been a champion for C-Suite for Christ. He has a passion for ministry, and praised our organization for its unfiltered goal of “Covering the World in Christ.”

We’re honored to be associated with Tim. It’s easy to see why he was a leader on the gridiron.

You, too, can have a memento of his imposing presence with one of these signed mini-helmets.

Sound good? Quit waiting … and reply now!
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