Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Friday, June 7, 2024

Entering the Weekend with Christ

Hi everyone.

This Sunday, Jesus shares the well known line "a house divided against itself cannot stand".  As people blessed with the Holy Spirit through baptism, we are part of God's house, joined as family in the body of Christ.  No joke today,, only gratitude for the family at Mount of Olives living out the Gospel message in "Faith in Action Together".


Pastor Tim

"God has led you to the desert, and spoken to your Heart."
Mount of Olives Lutheran Church
3546 E. Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018
602-956-1620 office

A Broken World, a Redeeming Family

Siblings in Christ,

This weekly greeting as Siblings in Christ captures the hope, and the transformative power of faith in this Sunday’s readings:

  • Genesis 3:8-15 recounts the familiar story of Adam and Eve's temptation and fall from grace. The idyllic family of God is fractured by sin, bringing shame, hardship, and separation.
  • 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 offers a glimmer of hope. Paul speaks of his unwavering faith, a faith that compels him to share the Gospel message to bring people together.
  • Mark 3:20-35 challenges our traditional understanding of family. Jesus makes it clear that blood ties are not what define God's family. God’s family comes from doing the will of God, from living a life guided by faith.

The Broken Family Reconciled

Genesis tells us of the broken family, but the story doesn't end there. The promise of redemption whispers throughout the Old Testament, culminating in the arrival of Jesus Christ. Through his sacrifice, Jesus offers us the chance to rejoin God's family, to heal the rift caused by sin.

Faith: The Bond of Our New Family

The faith Paul speaks of in Corinthians becomes the bridge that connects us to this new family. It's the common thread that binds us together, transcending our earthly distinctions of race, ethnicity, or social status. In Christ, we are siblings, united by our shared belief.

The Church: A Family of Faith

Mark reminds us that those who do the will of God are considered family. This is where Christ’s Church comes in. As followers of Christ, we are called to be a community where we can live out our faith, supporting and encouraging one another on our spiritual journeys. Here, we find acceptance, love, and forgiveness – the very things that make a family strong.

Our Call to Action

We are called to be a beacon of hope in a world often fractured by division. Let us live by faith, share the message of God's love, and embrace our fellow believers as family. Let our Church be a place of healing and reconciliation, a testament to the transformative power of faith.

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