Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Friday, June 21, 2024

When the Winds of Doubt Blow: Trust in God

Hi everyone,

As we enter this Weekend with Christ, no doubt that we all have some "storms brewing" ahead of us.  Let us go forth knowing that God's love and grace is always with us.  We can find the calm within the storm, trusting that God is always in control just as Job did...but don't think about moving to Australia!

When the Winds of Doubt Blow: Trust in God

Siblings in Christ,

Life can be a chaotic voyage. We set sail with dreams and ambitions, but storms inevitably roll in. Job, a righteous man, found himself in the eye of such a storm. He lost everything – his wealth, his family, his health. In his despair, he questioned God’s justice (Job 38:1).

This is where our first reading, from Job 38:1-11, begins. God responds not with answers, but with awe-inspiring questions. He reminds Job of the wonders of creation: the laying of the earth’s foundations, the setting of boundaries for the sea, the pillars of the heavens. God’s message is clear: compared to his infinite power and wisdom, we are but children.  It’s not a guarantee of smooth sailing, but trust in God as the Captain of our lives even when the storm rages.

Our second reading, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, echoes this sentiment. Paul urges us to accept God’s grace “at the right time” (v.2). This “right time” isn’t always convenient. It might be in the midst of our trials. But Paul reminds us that God is faithful and will see us through (v.18).

The Gospel of Mark 4:35-41 speaks to this very point. The disciples are caught in a ferocious storm, fearing for their lives. Jesus, calm amidst the chaos, rebukes the wind and waves, asking them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you no faith?” (v.40).

This story is a powerful reminder for our own lives. When doubt and fear threaten to sink our faith, we must remember the unwavering presence of Christ. God is our Captain, guiding us through the roughest seas.

How can we cultivate this trust in God?

• Practice Gratitude: Reflect on the blessings, big and small, that God has bestowed upon you.
• Embrace Prayer: Let your anxieties and worries be known to God. Prayer is a conversation, not a monologue.
• Seek Community: Surround yourself with fellow believers who can offer support and encouragement.
• Focus on Service: Helping others takes the focus off our own troubles and reminds us of God’s love for all humankind.

Friends, storms are inevitable. But we don’t have to weather them alone. By turning to God in faith, we can find the calm within the storm, trusting that God is always in control, even when we can’t see the shore.

Let us go forth with renewed faith, knowing that God’s love and grace are our anchor in the roughest seas.

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