Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Monday, August 1, 2022

Have you prepared for an economic hurricane?

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Brace for an Economic Hurricane This is a daunting time to retire or to be in retirement. 25% of Americans are delaying their retirement plans due to inflation. It's not too late to prepare. Details

With no more bail-outs, is your bank safe?Are banks able to hold your money?Banks and governments have seized millions of accounts in this country in a financial lockdown. Details

Recession threat is looming
Big banks, prominent economists and former officials are all saying that a recession is a near certainty. This financial move may give you a chance to make it. Details

Urgent Release for Americans, 

The cost of everything is on the rise! Whether you think it is Putin's fault or not is irrelevant at this stage, you need a solution for this economic menace before it forces you to your knees.

The rising costs of healthcare, gas and food have caused many to worry about what's coming next.

As an individual, you have spent decades building up the savings required to get through retirement; however, with inflation at an all time-high, and many unforeseen events taking place recently, the focus has shifted from retiring comfortably to covering basic necessities. Your savings are being depleted by inflation, and action must be taken.

We have prepared a Free Emergency Economic Crisis Kit to help you protect your wealth.

And in times like these, it's reasonable to forgo many things to survive, but not taking action against a stock market downfall is not one of them. 

As our economy is heading into a possible recession, the right investment can level the playing field and help stop the financial bleeding and pain felt by so many. 

Your money is eroding at a rapid pace, and economists are certain that the stock market is taking its last breath, before it crashes.

This Free Emergency Economic Crisis Kit shows you what may be on the horizon and how to protect your retirement.

During the Bernstein conference in June 2022, JP Morgan Chase President & CEO Jamie Dimon warned us to brace ourselves for an economic hurricane. Dimon added that this distorted economy is caused by inflation and spiking interest rates. 

Therefore, savvy investors such Robert Kiyosaki in one of his recent tweets acknowledged that acquiring gold and silver will help in overcoming whatever economic challenge that may soon be coming: "The biggest crash in world history is coming. Get more gold, silver..."

Real physical assets are high in demand and are the insurance that every retiree needs to protect their wealth during challenging times like these.

Get your Free Emergency Economic Crisis Kit and protect your savings. 



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