Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Christians in Sindh Floods, Pakistan – Please Keep Helping

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Christians in Sindh Floods, Pakistan – Please Help 

“They came to this remote and isolated area and shared our burden in this time of hardship and hopelessness.” These were the words of “Shamoo,” a poor Christian farmer in Sindh, Pakistan, as he spoke with great thankfulness about our local project partners, making their way to his flooded Christian community. They brought with them desperately needed help, paid for with gifts to Barnabas Aid. 

Chand rejoiced that God had sent aid “to His people through His people.” 


Our Pakistan Coordinator has been travelling around Sindh with our project partners this week, as food, mosquito nets, plastic sheeting, water and other items are distributed. To reach 55-year-old farmer “Chand” they had to travel for 45 minutes by tractor and trailer, then wade for ten minutes through a meter of muddy flood waters. No other aid had reached him. Chand said he felt very blessed in God who had provided “for His people through His people.” 

Carrying aid for Chand and other Christians in his community.

The flood waters are not yet receding, as the swollen river Indus carries rain that fell in northern Pakistan down south to Sindh. It will be months before the farmers can plant their fields again. Until then they have no income, no food and growing debts. Many have also lost livestock – a double pain, because farmers in this area are very emotionally attached to their animals as well as relying on them for income. 

Despite such difficulties, says our Pakistan Coordinator, the Christians of Sindh “have been experiencing and demonstrating the peace that surpasses all understanding. With smiling faces they are praising God and giving thanks in their trials and sufferings.”

This family stand for a photo with their food aid on the table in front of them. The Christians who live in the house behind them, like many local Christian families, have painted a large cross on their wall to show their faith.  

The need is enormous and ongoing. Many thousands of our brothers and sisters are suffering in Sindh. Barnabas is helping not only rural Christians but also Christians in towns and cities who have lost their livelihoods and homes. We are also helping repair the flood-damaged Christian hospital further north in Tank. When the waters have gone, God willing, we shall help to repair Christian homes. It is your gifts that make all this possible. Please pray and, if you can, give.

How You Can Help

Costs are changing all the time, but here are some estimates. 

Mosquito net (one per family)


Emergency family food package to last 25-30 days


20 plastic sheets for temporary shelters (one per family)


Clean drinking water and water purification tablets for 50 families


Renew the flood-damaged floor in one room (e.g. ward, pharmacy, laboratory) at Tank Christian Hospital


Repair both generators at Tank Christian Hospital

Our commitment to you is that every $1 of your donation will go to the project(s) you have chosen to help our suffering family. 

Other ways to give

If you would like to make a gift, please direct your donation to
41-919 Christian flood victims in Pakistan



If you prefer to send a check, Click here for our address. Please quote the project reference above.



If you prefer to telephone, call 703-288-1681

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