Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Cold Call Coach

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Ready, Dudes?

I don’t have time for this … and you know what?
I don’t care.
My two sons and I leave Monday for Dudes Weekend. It’s our annual bonding time over all things male – good, bad, obnoxious and just out there.
It’s the sixth year for this sojourn. Kennedy is 10, Hudson 8. We’ve visited many places and enjoyed countless memorable moments.
It’s the second year, though, where we’ll be gone for 2-1/2 weeks. At this rate, how long before it’s renamed Dudes Month?
The itinerary hasn’t much changed. We’ll spend half the time at a local hotel. The agenda consists of laughing, devouring pizza, visiting fun spots and goofing off.
We’ll next head to Minneapolis. The primary reason is that Kennedy is a huge – gulp! – Minnesota Vikings fan. Yes, I’m still trying to figure out what went sideways there.
Our plans are largely the same, plus a tour of U.S. Bank Stadium (where the Vikings play). Maybe we’ll visit the Mall of America. If other fun opportunities arise, we’ll take them!
Here’s the rewind on Dudes Weekend: Five years ago, the boys and I drove past a local hotel. Kennedy asked about its pool. OK. We stopped to check it out.
On impulse, we decided to stay overnight (after checking with my wife, of course). The rest, as they say, is history (and tradition).
Again, logic says I’m crazy to do this. I’m running a global ministry, a keynote speaking operation, a sales training business … and going 2-1/2 weeks with no appointments?
This isn’t about what “makes sense,” though. It’s about priorities. My sons are learning how to become men. Often, amid the joking and frivolity, we enjoy serious discussions about life, faith, and the world around us. They open up to me, and vice versa.
Everyone comes home a better person.
Kennedy and Hudson have grown increasingly giddy as our disembarkation nears. I’ve gotten more excited, too, amid frantically clearing the decks to avoid any business-related crises erupting.
And if they do?
I’ll deal with it at night – probably really late at night – after the boys have gone to bed. On Dudes Weekend, “bedtime” doesn’t exist. We play hard, as long as we want, and sleep late.
I’m admittedly always a bit nervous leaving for Dudes Weekend. It’s tough to leave the real world behind, and mostly unplug for so long.
It’s also quality time with my sons that I’ll never, ever regret.
If you don’t do something similar, I encourage you to give it a try. You can“get away.”
Besides, there are plenty of other “Weekend” nicknames out there waiting to be had.

Speaking of Meetings and Events …

Summer is often a time when business – and life – slow down. Vacations commence. People unplug and unwind.

Many organizations go “on vacation,” too. Big events are delayed until fall.

Those responsible for planning these events, though, continue to lay the groundwork.

If you’re arranging a meeting or conference, you know the importance of a strong keynote speaker. It’s often a make-or-break proposition: Your speaker energizes the crowd, or entombs them. The presentation can set a tone for the remainder of the event.

Having given keynote addressesacross the U.S. and internationally, I make a simple promise: Hire me to address your group, and they will enjoy an engaging, enlivened experience!

God blessed me with a gift and love for public speaking. There’s no place I’d rather be (watch this video, and tell me I’m lying!).
I developed a roster of keynote speaking topics that guide and encourage others to use their gifts. There’s nothing phony in how I connect with audiences. They would know.

My drive for public speaking feeds on faith, family and fearlessness. I want to help others achieve great things. If we acknowledge and embrace our talents, and thank God for them, we can live our best life possible.

If you’re an event planner who takes advantage of the summer slowdown to think creatively, please contact me. Let’s talk about making your next event one to remember.

These months are when we bask in sunshine and warmth. Working together, we’ll get the following season off to a fast start!

Top 5 Percent … and Climbing!

“Then Jesus said, ‘Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.’”
– Mark 4:9
When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll!
Just three months ago, I shared that the C-Suite for Christ Podcast was among the top 10 percent of all podcasts on earth. Considering that 3.1 million are out there, the news was enthralling!
Can you believe I might have spoken too soon?
After moving up another 155,000 spots, this weekly podcast is now in the top 5 percent of all podcasts, according to Listen Score’s calculation of downloads, subscribers and minutes spent listening. It’s among the top-rated faith-based podcasts in the world!
The ever-growing demand for this C-Suite for Christ resource reflects an undeniable thirst for God’s Word. Who can argue with its expanding listenership?
People are nervous these days. So much, it seems, is out of our control. Much of the societal bedrock where we comfortably stood has shifted. Who knows what’s coming next?
By contrast, Christ’s teachings have remained steadfast, solid, and unchanged for 2,000 years. They tell us to love each other, and trust the One who loves us unceasingly.
The simplicity and reassurance are incredible. No wonder people want to hear this message, ahead of more than 2.85 million other podcasts!

Haven’t tuned in yet?
Subscribe to the C-Suite for Christ Podcast. Enjoy new episodes every Friday on SpotifyAnchor and Apple Podcast.
Hear for yourself what top 5 percent content sounds like … and prepare to be inspired, emboldened and refreshed!
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