Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Sunday, July 9, 2023

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10 Things You Should Consider before You Drink Alcohol

There are many who view drinking as completely off limits. There are others who see it as a means of cultural evangelism. Drinking alcohol probably joins the list of Top Five Polarizing Topics within the church, somewhere between women in ministry, swearing, and homosexuality.

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8 Psalms to Claim When You Feel Like You Can’t Take One More Thing

Discouragement and frustration can mount to unexpected heights and faith can feel like it is falling apart. Life is just hard sometimes. But there is hope! And help! Life might be filled with chaos, hardship, hurt, and burdens, but the Bible speaks to all of these things. 

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Why People Are Losing Their Religion (and How the Church Can Respond)

How, as believers, are we to respond to this group of people who have chosen to walk away from organized religion?

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We Need to Avoid a 2020 Rematch

The 2024 election needs to be about America's future, not a battle royal over its recent past. Unless American voters reject the status quo and choose new candidates, we'll be dealing with the latter and not the former.

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3 Ways Christians Can Respond to the Problem of Homelessness Today

A deeper response than volunteering or activism is evangelism and discipleship and being one body with our brothers and sisters on the streets.

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Is There a Multiverse (And Should Christians Even Care)?

In recent years, the existence of infinite parallel universes has become a popular narrative feature, appearing in several films and television shows.

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Judge Pays For Man's Fines After He Walks 5 Miles To Court With No Money To His Name

A judge pays a man’s fines after he walks five miles to court with no money to his name. It could have been easy for Daniel Murray to blame his problems on life circumstances. Instead, he took responsibility for his own actions, and in his humility, he was given a gift.

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3 Punks Mistake Gas Station for an Easy Target but Weren't Expecting the Brave Marine Inside

Three hoodlums, one holding a gun, walked into a gas station in Yuma, Arizona to pull off a robbery. But they weren't counting on the veteran Marine who was shopping inside!

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