Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Comfortable? Think Twice!


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Comfortable? Think Twice!

Are you comfortable in life? Or, at least in the parts that are important to you?

Everyone strives for comfort. It takes many forms. Perhaps it’s as simple as a favorite chair to watch TV. Or, having a nice home in a nice neighborhood. Or, building sufficient wealth to retire worry-free.

We want our kids to have comforts, too. We send them to good schools, music lessons, sports camps … the list is long.

You think “comfort” is just a human condition? It’s big business, too.

On TV, plenty of entities try to sell us goods or services to make us comfortable. Based on the ads, it’s easy to conclude that comfort is just one or two purchases away!

Why is this? Why do so many parties want us to be comfortable?

Politicians make statements to supposedly reassure us … yet we wonder what they really mean. Media outlets cover certain stories … and ignore others. Materialism is promoted abundantly … yet loneliness is epidemic.

The world is full of agendas. It’s why I’m fascinated – and torn – by the notion of “comfort” in society.

I sometimes wonder if we’re mimicking the “Bread and Circuses” atmosphere of the eclipsing Roman Empire. Its citizens had grown content, concerning themselves primarily with trifling entertainment. Meanwhile, the state disintegrated from rot within, and attacks from outside.

These are the worst outcomes of “comfort.” People can grow complacent and dependent. They stop thinking. Their ambition stalls.
Excessive “comfort” stops us from living. It’s an addiction that sneaks up, and numbs as much as the strongest drugs. The gains we enjoy in “comfort” are often offset by losses in freedom, personal growth and potential achievements.

What if George Washington had decided he was comfortable at Mount Vernon, and didn’t feel like leading an army? How about if Abraham Lincoln chose to live amid the backwoods comfort of his Kentucky birthplace? What if John F. Kennedy decided that standing firm against Soviet missiles in Cuba was just out of his comfort zone?

Obviously, our world would be much different if these three (and undoubtedly many more) leaders had opted for “comfort.”

Comfort can sap and blind us. Scripture reminds that we live amid a never-ending battle between good and evil. Get too comfortable, and the Evil One will sneak up from behind.

Where do you fall on (or in) the comfort zone?

Don’t pray for a comfortable life. Seek out a meaningful life. Aspire to be uncomfortable.

There’s nothing wrong with having a comfy chair – just don’t let yourself spend the rest of your life sitting down.

Tim Tebow Just Keeps on Giving!

Did I tell you how impressed and enthused Tim Tebow was with C-Suite for Christ?

The former collegiate national champion, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL player mentioned the organization several times during his keynote address at the March 7 Covering the World in Christ Celebration. Offstage, he was effusive in praise for its goals, rapid growth and passionate membership.

Tim was kind enough to sign a multitude of goods for C-Suite for Christ. You might recall we recently auctioned an autographed football – the winner was a Texas couple, who bid $650. The money went to the Covering the World in Christ Fund, which supports the mission, operations and events of C-Suite for Christ.

Are you ready? We’re giving away another item!
This autographed mini-helmet (photo below) would look great on any desk, bookshelf, or in a memento case. The helmet represents the University of Florida, where Tim set the football world on fire with his tough play and dynamic leadership.

This giveaway will be a bit different, though. We’re going to further ramp up the Covering the World in Christ Fund (a 501(c)3 charity, by the way)!

Here’s the deal: For every $10 donated to the Covering the World in Christ Fund, you get an entry into a drawing for this keepsake mini-helmet.

The math isn’t hard. Donate $50, and you’ll get five entries. One hundred dollars gets you 10. Your generosity increases your chances to win.

Click here to donate and enter. Deadline is April 26 at 5 p.m. CT.

The drawing will be April 29. The winner will be notified April 30.
This is about more than a nice prize. If you avidly support the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and believe the world desperately needs Christ, your support of the Covering the World in Christ Fund backs your beliefs.

We introduced the fund six months ago. It’s been well received. Like most charitable endeavors, it relies on a committed community to have an impact. Its footprint has steadily grown.

We appreciate and thank everyone who supports C-Suite for Christ.

If you’re among them, pat yourself on the back for being in good company with Tim Tebow!

Two Million Minutes? Just Not All at Once - Right?

“There is a time for everything, and a season for activity under the heavens …” 
–  Ecclesiastes 3:1
Just when we start wondering how many more thresholds it will surpass, the C-Suite for Christ Podcast always seems to smash another milestone!
Grab hold: This weekly podcast, which features an amazing array of inspiring guests, has exceeded 2 million minutes of listening! This, for a production not even 2 years old!
Yes, listeners of the C-Suite for Christ Podcast (available on SpotifyAnchor or Apple Podcast) have spent more than 2 million minutes absorbing its inspiring, thought-provoking content.
Let’s put this in context. Two million minutes is equal to:
  • 1,389 days
  • 3.8 years
  • 33,333 church services (figuring 60 minutes each)
  • 26,667 church services (if your pastor is long-winded, i.e. 75 minutes)
  • Five normal human pregnancies
  • Two elephant pregnancies
In short, people have devoted a lot of time listening to the podcast’s insightful, motivational material. I’ve mentioned before that it’s among the top 2 percent of all podcastson Earth for listenership and engagement.
The obvious question: Why?
I might be repeating myself, but here goes: Our world is growing into a manic, madcap place that makes no sense at all. We hear of pain, suffering and sadness everywhere. Perhaps you’re experiencing some yourself.
Amid this chaos, Jesus Christ is a beacon of peace, love and solace. His message of hope is an anchor in a raging, turbulent sea. Little wonder more and more are grabbing His lifeline.
People like the podcast’s provocative content, too. The C-Suite for Christ Podcast isn’t about “comfortable” Christianity. It’s not cartoon Biblical figures with squarish bodies and squeaky voices. Its conversations challenge conventional wisdom, and make listeners question tenets of belief they might have never considered.
If you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode. If you know someone grappling with hard times, send them a link to listen (and hopefully subscribe). Maybe it will be a life buoy in their swirling storm.
When you reach out like this, you’re fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 18:16-20). You’re helping us “Cover the World in Christ.”
The greatest milestone, of course, will be when we finally, completely, succeed in this mission.
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