Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

A chance to meet a mom’s biggest need

Hi Peter,

Can I take you on a quick journey today? 

I want you to imagine the pressure of losing your home... 

Already, you can feel that weight growing on your chest – it's truly a worst-case scenario for most people. And it’s in the category of scenarios that we spend our entire lives trying to avoid: overdue bills, a totaled car, losing a job, or struggling to put food on the table.

But for thousands of moms every day, this is the type of challenge they’re facing when they discover that they’re unexpectedly pregnant. Even if they
want to choose life, suddenly it feels like they would only be digging the hole deeper by bringing another child into the world. How will I provide for the kids I already have? How will I keep a roof over our heads? What will I do if I lose my job?  

At this moment, the biggest gift that you can give the next mom seeking an abortion is also the one that would save her child’s life.

When you come alongside her with long-term care, tangible resources, and the love of Christ you can make her burdens disappear: the uncertainty, the bills, and the unanswered questions about the future.

You can remove the challenges that,
right now, are standing in the way of her being able to choose life. You can be the support system she needs to confidently choose life.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, especially in moments of deep need like these. Can you imagine the love and compassion the next mom will feel when your generosity has selflessly provided for the biggest needs of her and her baby?

It’s an act of love to provide the help and hope that the next mom needs in order to choose life. At Human Coalition, we believe Christ has called us to be His hands and feet to these moms facing seemingly impossible situations. And that’s why we want to provide for the needs of as many moms who are actively seeking an abortion as possible. We know that she is much more likely to choose life when her immediate needs are met. It’s then that she can think about what she really wants for her family. 

That’s also why our team has set a goal to raise $703,875 before the end of June, as our fiscal year comes to a close.
It’s a big goal, but one that a generous donor has kick-started with a $352,000 Challenge Grant to inspire your giving!

You can make choosing life possible for the next mom seeking an abortion right now. Your gift, will help DOUBLE
the lifesaving impact when paired with the Challenge Grant. You can provide her with a chance to hear her baby’s heartbeat, receive quality care from licensed healthcare professionals, and have access to long-term options for financial support, job stability, housing, and so much more.

This isn’t just a list of services; it’s a reflection of Christ’s love in action. By meeting her immediate needs and showing her that she is not alone, you make it possible for her to see a hopeful future for herself and her baby. These are the moments that ignite a flame of courage inside of her to choose life. You can reassure her that she’s got a support system around her, providing stability now and long after her baby is born.

But your immediate response this month is crucial. Together, with hundreds of other compassionate rescuers like you, we can rise to meet this challenge and keep this vital ministry going strong into a new year.

Will you give now to rescue the next mom and her baby from abortion? Together with the $352,000 Challenge Grant, your gift will help make TWICE the lifesaving impact, but only if you give before June 30th!

Thank you for hearing me out today. Your compassionate heart and unwavering support are what make this ministry to moms and their babies possible! 

Together, we can share the love of Christ and fulfill this call to reach the next mom seeking an abortion, rescue her baby, and restore her family to stability.

God bless you,

Rachel Lane
Vice President of Family Services
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Human Coalition
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