Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 27:17

Friday, July 5, 2024

Bible Study Notes for 07/06/2024

Hello All,

I pray for those that celebrate the day that they had a safe and happy 4th of July. It was really hot here in Shady Cove, so Susan and I stayed home and inside for most of the day.

Please find our Zoom Link and Bible Study notes below for this Saturday's session at 8:00 AM PDT on 07/06/2024.  

Please continue to pray that we all flourish in 2024 as each day we lift our crosses to follow Jesus. Please join us on Saturday to continue in, 2 Timothy, in our series on Paul's Pastoral Letters. 

We are very appreciative that many have to adjust their daily routine because of varying time zones. It may be easiest for those of us in Oregon and Kyrgyzstan. As we arise to meet the day, the folks of Tokmok are retiring for the evening. The folks in the midWest are already in the midst of their day. We love that some seek us out on their phones while at the Farmer's Market. Go Organic!! (Please put on your prayer list that more people eschew consumerism and devote their lives to growing food on small plots of land and selling directly to the consumer.) We love seeing you, getting to know you and keeping abreast of all you do. Please tune in for as long as you are able. We understand the demands of busy schedules. 

We encourage you to share your stories, activities and prayers. Each story is unique and inspirational, your journey is yours, a human journey, no one else has the same story, and each story is important to God and to us. It is encouraging to hear how and when the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to us. We are enriched as your brothers and sisters in Christ, when we are included in hearing your story. 

From the writings of Paul, 2,000 years ago, we learn about ourselves and our society. Today, we review what Paul wrote to Timothy about teaching in a way that could be classified as civil disobedience, a topic near and dear to my heart. Justice must be defended. We learn that actions to expose the truth to the elites and their operatives may have costs. Some of which require that we clearly articulate - "We are all in!" Paul has some exquisite verses in 2 Tim. 2:14-19 about teaching scripture, being truthful and learning to be a journeyman. These concepts are timeless.  

Join us - as we follow Jesus' followers as they carry His word to the 'ends of the earth'. What an experience they must have had. And please remember that you bless us with your presence. 

May the Holy Spirit bring you His wisdom and His understanding.

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Study Notes:

07/06/2024 – Civil Disobedience

As a sidebar three persons come to mind: Henry David Thoreau, d. 1862, advocated for civil liberties; Mahatma Gandhi, d. 1962, espoused doctrine of nonviolent protest; and Martin Luther King Jr., d. 1968, spoke to principles of racial equality and nonviolent social change. Each was indebted to Christian teaching and its roots in Judaism. The following are encapsulations of their thoughts, of which we are mindful, as we study our Bible, applying it to the 21st C. (3 of 11 follow)

1)      Americans should protest unjust laws that oppress certain portions of the population. Moral rights and duties precede the law; and,

2)      We must be loyal to values which have existed prior to civil law.

It is important to understand the use of obedience in last week’s study. We must be clear: we must be obedient to truth and not to the pronouncement of men regardless of their ecclesiastical standing. What are the claims of our faith as enumerated in the three pillars of our faith: The Ten Commandments [Ex.20:1-17]; The Lord’s Prayer [Matt. 6:8-15]; and the Apostles Creed [ Oral 2d C., Written 4th C.Finalized 753 AD]. Add [Gen. 1-3]. The most powerful words in the Bible are: “In the beginning God created …”


[2 Timothy 2:8-13] - God’s Word Is Not Tied Up

We are familiar with the childhood tune: “Sticks and stones.“ With Christian witness we are called to believe the power of words and the power of God’s word, is greater than the power of chains and prison walls. P&T were faced with outright hostility to the gospel message by Roman leadership. P&T could see, what many modern Christians ignore – that to announce Jesus crucified and risen as the world’s true Lord was to offend the all-powerful claims of Caesar. Paul reached deep into Jewish traditions for the theology that sustained him, Timothy and all the young Christians who we may be sure, wondered if they had the courage to follow. We find this great theme in Isaiah [Is. 40-55] where Isaiah writes about the living and abiding power of God’s word. Specifically, the prediction of Jesus’ coming and His success. [Is. 55:10-11] 

Paul’s [v.8] is not a religious system nor a message of how people may be saved; but an announcement that Jesus is the king, the anointed one, Lord of the world - an astonishing claim – except God did raise Him from the dead. This word (God’s word) has been entrusted to the apostles, preachers and teachers. It sums up the entire Bible of the day (OT) by speaking of Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s plan. Key: Confidence in God’s word was meant to sustain people as they suffered; giving them courage and hope when the pagan world repressed them. Paul wants to encourage T and to be prepared to face suffering when it comes. T may face suffering for his announcing and following Jesus: including the entire might of Rome which fell upon Jesus, who remained faithful, even to death and resurrection. The latter proved He was not just a member of David’s family, but the true seed of David. [Rom. 1:3-4] Paul was telling Timothy: if you are faithful to the message you may wind up in prison like a common criminal. Paul was not going to allow imprisonment to dampen his spirits or faith [Phil. 1:12-16] I may be tied up; God’s word is not! NB When people try to suppress the truth of the Bible it is a sign that it is working: making inroads in people’s minds, imaginations and the way they are called to live. That is why Paul does what he does and is prepared to put up with whatever suffering comes his way [2 Cor. 4:7-15] – for the sake of all God’s people. Paul is not looking at his day to day situation (present age); he is focused on the new world to come. A time when all people will be saved from their present plight and receive glory. God views each man qua man as reflecting His image and is more important than the brightest star in the heavens. This idea appears in [Dan. 12:3] But the glory Paul speaks of has more to do with status, the role given us by God. [v. 12Rom. 5:17] Paul talks about our reigning with Christ. The new world will not merely be a place of rest and refreshment. When God brings the new creation into existence, there will be work to do, it will stretch our ability and imagination. Those who are faithful in the present age will be given authority in the next, reigning with Jesus. Early Christian proverb: If we suffer, we will live; If we are patient, we will reign; Deny Him, He will deny you; If we are faithless, He is faithful; For He can not deny Himself. [Matt. 10:33Mark 8:38] Note: Conflict! Meaning: in our journey our faith undulates - we wobble. It is those moments we must be utterly reliable in God. Go on autopilot at those moments of weakness and faintness. Rely on God as we know Him through Jesus who was faithful unto death. 


[2 Tim 2:14-19] – Foolish Words and the Word of Truth – Playing with words has been a game with politicians, lawyers and some theologians. The study of words and what they mean is part of Bible study. We must use dictionaries, concordances and use words carefully being certain to use words, sentences, passages we understand, opposed to what we think they mean. However, most critical, is to remain humble and open to being taught. Resurrection is one word where Paul noticed some foolish thought. Two people began to teach that res-urrection had already happened rather than the glorious future, the new embodiment, awaiting all God’s people on the last day. Paul spoke of Christians, in baptism, dying and rising with Christ [Rom. 6]. Paul declared that in a sense Christ’s people have already been raised with Him and taken a seat with Him in heavenly places [Col. 3:1-4]. But in [Rom.; Col.] he states that in the future there is a bodily resurrection. What happens at baptism is the Christian anticipates the final event and must learn to live by faith and hope in the present on the basis of what is promised in the future. Some Christians wondered – is bodily resurrection believable for themselves andJesus. They tried to adjust saying it was about a spiritual experience in the present leading to eternal disembodied bliss. This became popular 100 years after Paul and arises periodically in modern times. It is against all Paul teaches: denying the goodness of physical creation; God’s promise to renew it; the ultimate judgement of God; and His promise to put the world to rights. It focuses not on God, the gospel and the world, but on me and my spiritual experience. This led to endless quarrels, speculations and empty wranglings. If we begin to play with words, we may drift from solid gospel teaching. Paul tells of the Christian ‘workman’ who knows how to study, preach and teach scripture. Think of an apprenticeship! “Present yourself …” [v. 15]. Work, study, and spiritual understanding are all needed. Become an unashamed workman. We should be able to complete a task, step back and smile at a job - well done! Paul wants us to carve out a straight path for the word of truth. Yes, we must have spelling, sentence and paragraph structure correct, but mainly we must be like a pioneer carving a new trail so others may traverse safely. We must cut away the brambles and roots that make the way challenging to follow. Studying the Bible is not speculation, it is the solid foundation of our faith. It provides us with direction and eliminates us from the uncertainty of who we are and the moral uncertainty of our world. Not only must we proclaim Jesus, we must engage wickedness and injustice. We must hear God’s call - stand firmAMIN

Love, hank

Hank Hohenstein, OFS
Land Steward
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